Hi. I’m trying to land a boy I’ll call “Indie.” I was hoping he’d come to my party. But he has a history of avoiding parties. He also has a history of switching girlfriends, which sounds bad, but since I’m not currently his girlfriend, I think this aspect could work for me at this time. Other than that he’s a great guy and I really need him to help me move all my stuff into a new house.

He said once that he doesn’t like people who misuse their credit cards, so I told him I hate people who misuse their credit cards more than anybody in the whole world! Now he’s showing some interest! How do I tell him I’m terrible with credit and way over my head in debt and have no plan to pay my bills other than lying to everybody about what I did and what I owe and blaming others for the situation I’m in? I’m thinking that lying to him is the best bet, because by the time he finds out, I’m hoping he’ll love me for who I am and he’ll have moved all my stuff by then.

Anyway, like other people who write to advice columnists, I don’t want to be told that the problem is actually with me, and doesn’t have anything to do with Indie, and that he would be better off staying a million miles away from me. I want to know what words I should say to get him to come over and help me move all my stuff. -sign me GOP12