Anybody else feeling a little brain dead? Is it this way every summer, or has the relentless heat fried additional circuits this year? I can’t remember. I can’t think.

Maybe it’s the election campaign. Is it over yet? How long has it been going on now? Forever? I can’t remember. Has anybody said anything sensible yet? What are the issues again? Oh yeah, the rich are holding back on investing because they don’t have enough money yet. It’s about confidence. Their confidence that they soon will have it ALL has been shaken. They are not going to hire more workers if the workers are going to ask for money. That would defeat the whole purpose. Somebody ELSE can hire them, and then that company will be a target for leveraged acquisition and restructuring into quick profits. Everyone is perched like vultures waiting for THESE kind of “investment opportunities.” It’s something along these lines, but my head hurts from thinking about it.

Maybe it’s the media’s fault for covering crazy as if it makes sense. Except that nobody reads the actual media until it has been laundered through aggregators and tweets. But the real “information” comes from campaign ads anyway. This is where the money is, and follow the money, when you’re too tired to think. They say the purpose of negative campaign ads is to get the other side to stay home. So you stay home. I’m heading out now, because I think it will take me until November to find my polling place. My only hope is that I have it to myself, and can remember why I’m there.