It’s hard to pick one’s way through the scattered debris of the Romney campaign now that it has self-detonated in the most spectacular explosion in recent election memory, trying to find the most salient pieces

Where to begin? Now that the hidden workings are all out on view, the first thing you notice is that it never added up to anything. We’ve known that their budget math didn’t add up, or those who bothered to “run the numbers” as Paul Ryan likes to put it, knew. But it’s also clear that their political coalition didn’t add up either. Trying to add rich people and struggling white people up to victory was problematic in two ways. One: insufficient numbers to win. Problem two: they don’t have the same interests. Unless you confuse most of them sufficiently. Confuse them! was the secret strategy, all out on the pavement now.

Remember, NOT SO VERY LONG AGO, Mitt was out there rhapsodizing about the Pledge of Allegiance! INDIVISIBLE! “I will not divide this nation!” he bellowed! Let’s rewind and replay that boast. “I will not divide this nation!” Sounds like he almost believed it himself! Let’s play that one more time, and turn up the volume, just for fun. “I WILL NOT DIVIDE THIS NATION!” Except the half who are makers over here and the half who are takers over there, who aren’t worth worrying about at all. You hard-working but low-wage losers, you. Division. But now Mitt’s troubles multiply.