Tis the first day of Spring, a beautiful thing inded. And we shall pause amidst the maelstrom to think of the flowers. Even when you remind yourself to stop and appreciate flowers, it’s hard. It wouldn’t be so hard if there were just one. One is a number of flowers you can focus on. But in the spring they come in bunches and then larger bunches and pretty soon you are overrun with them. In Washington in Springtime they become so numerous you want to breathe helium and sing that you represent the Lollypop Guild.

 The beauty of a single flower is rather astonishing. This is true even of the little tiny ones, like Veronica, that appear in unchemicalled lawns, that you have to get down on the ground and peer at closely to appreciate. But even so, the beauty is held at a certain remove, the distance being the result of the flower having been designed for somebody else. The somebody else being bees. I love to imagine myself as a bee approaching a flower. Flowers as big as your face, or as wide as your wingspan or big enough to fly right into. Intoxicating aroma, a lush envelopment, and nectar! Talk about a reward system!

 People must enjoy flowers at one remove. Their charms, like Springtime birdsong, are intended for others. For us they resonate because they tell us that the season of new life has arrived and the environment is healthy, and good things are all around, and ahead. You can’t get inside a flower, but if you use your imagination, close enough!