But we LIKE just standing here looking stupid! It’s comfortable for us, and fits in with our breezy attitude that the free market fixes everything! The ads appear, we select, and the invisible hand of free enterprise does our thinking for us! Gee, these new shoes look nice!

But it turns out there are TWO invisible hands! And those hands are busy! And being invisible, it’s hard to keep track of what they are up to! The other one of those hands has been busy picking your pocket to help further enrich the already rich. But that’s not all! The two hands TOGETHER have been busy out there in the wilds, slowly strangling species after species to death in what could be the next great planetary mass-extinction!

In another example of the American media not putting the really big stories on Page One, we turn to the Science Ghetto to read that we’re likely killing off a HUGE swath of species. Oh, SPECIES! Ho hum! We won’t regret THAT, ever. So don’t worry about it, AT ALL, and don’t trouble yourself to DO anything about it either! Just stand there awkwardly, looking at your shoes. They are very nice shoes indeed.