Suppose I said that the national media are NOT left-leaning like everybody seems to think, and rather that it was right-leaning, and that furthermore I could prove it, and you said well, prove it, and I said okay. That would bring us to the next paragraph.

And here we are. Okay, now imagine, and takes a little doing, but imagine the way the media would cover it if a small group of environmentalists in Congress succeeded in shutting down the government to protest the Keystone XL pipeline because of climate concerns. I mean SHUTTING DOWN THE GOVERNMENT. It would be treated as the most shockingly subversive, radical threat to democracy in the history of the republic. There would be NO stories about ‘negotiations’ or ‘blame on both sides’ or anything of the sort. It would be all SABOTAGE all the time, start to finish, cover to cover. There would be table-pounding of the first order, and much This Cannot Stand-ery.

The GOP, on the other hand, gets to indulge in all manner of sabotage, to the government, to the economy, to people’s livelihoods, to the fundamental necessities of rational democracy, and what do we read? Some tut-tutting, some strategy analysis pieces, some he he-said-she-said, some mild dismay. You think I’m wrong about this? Well, for one thing, we’ll never find out.