There are some things people will never be rational about. Let’s make a list. What to put at the top of that list? Healthcare? Close! But at the VERY top of the list?

DRIVING! Care to argue with that one? Current issue? GAS PRICES! Too high? Compared to what? Compared to the essentially free gasoline we used to have? Why is gas so expensive? OBAMACARE! Or something. Supply and demand? Where did all the supply go? I think back, not that far back, to Americans making the choice to buy SUV’s to get groceries. Were they bringing home live rhinoceroses that required such a vehicle? In their minds, pretty much yes. It was not about practicality, it was about self-image. the self-image of someone who didn’t care about wasting gas. Maybe they would like that wasted gas back today, so the price wouldn’t be so high? No. Obama shouldn’t have passed health care.

And parking meters. A subject PLENTY good for a senseless argument right there. I’ll start the argument: Sometimes metered parking is UNDERPRICED! When there’s no meter spot for blocks around, the market is saying: UNDERPRICED. This used to be hard to fix, but now it can be fixed. Meters that adjust to demand. Whatta concept! Expect the howling to begin. Clots to be thrown. Strokes and heart attacks to commence. But uh-oh, you just repealed your Obamacare.