It’s too bad the term drone attack has come to have any meaning other than that of Former Unofficial President Dick Cheney going on and on in his sonorous monotone, doing his Mr. Gravitas routine and trying to put a glaze of sanity on his strategic “thinking” by putting a glaze on the viewers’ eyes.

His latest public appearance, at a fundraiser he hosted for Mitt Romney, he needed to come up with some rationale for backing a man with no foreign policy experience whatsoever, and so into the ol’ chestnut bin he dug. “Mitt Romney will be better in a crisis”! “Sooner or later there is going to be a big surprise, usually a very unpleasant one,” Yes, like yet another reappearance of Mr. Cheney. On closer examination, this looks like damning with faint praise, but let’s look at it a different way. Which way?

Leave aside Obama’s well established steadiness in foreign policy. WHO IS DICK CHENEY TO LECTURE ANYONE ON HOW TO DEAL WITH A CRISIS??? Let’s start with THE ONE HE MENTIONED. 9/11. Clear attack on the US by a terrorist organization named al Qaeda. Cheney helped orchestrate the one-foot-in one-foot-out hokey-pokey in Afghanistan, then helped decide to change priorities altogether and launch a disastrously badly planned assault on the nonexistent “weapons of mass destruction” of IRAQ! Talk about “the responsibility of sending our young men and women into harm’s way”! What value does advice from this man have? About $4 million dollars, in some quarters, apparently.