No, please! Anything but eat our vegetables! We like our junk food! We like our junk in our trunk! We like our junk political philosophy that the market solves everything! If the supermarket features thirty rows of junk, then junk must be what we want! If junk is what we want, junk is what we shall have! Market says!

We want our deficit to go away, too. Unfortunately, making the deficit go away is like eating our vegetables, and we don’t WANT to eat our vegetables. In fact, making the deficit go away is not just LIKE eating our vegetables, it actually IS LITERALLY eating our vegetables!

This information that good nutrition reduces health care costs, like the vegetables we do not wish to consume, also will not be tolerated. It will not be tolerated because, like vegetables, it is not to our taste. Junk is more to our taste now. We want magic solutions with magic numbers that taste delicious and lose weight with a magic diet pill that will work THIS time, not like those other magic diet pills that DIDN’T work. Mmmmmm, junk! And if you’d like to comment on this, the comment section is appropriately titled; “Weigh In!”