The Titan stretches his short soft arms side to side while standing at his 99th floor window, measuring once again the breadth of his awesomeness in the land.

He knows how to explain his claim to 30% of all the wealth that has been hewn from the planet by those swarms of ungrateful antlike

humanoids below. That is, he has hired lobbyists and purchased news organization to do the explaining. It has been a good investment, and he’s the investment class. He’s feeling feisty now and attempts to touch his toes. No, not today.

The REASON he deserves all the money, is because he has more talent than the rest of the world combined. And works SO much harder than the chambermaid doing three shifts cleaning the toilets in the fine hotels he chooses to visit. And who else but him is going to organize all those grumpy laborers in a way that they won’t be able to ask for health care as part of their employment agreement, anyway? If you don’t reward him in spades for all this he will shrug and stop being so awesome and THEN you’ll be sorry!.

What he HASN’T quite figured out is how to explain why we need to repeal the Estate Tax altogether, which would reward something a little different. THAT would reward a child who had the good advance planning to pick the right dad. But he doesn’t really NEED to explain that. He also invested in a lot of politicians who don’t ask these trick questions and just vote the way he tells them to. Another savvy investment! He tries to pat himself on the back, but, well, um, has to settle for rubbing his belly which is still full from that $300 breakfast.