Health care. Gas prices. The deficit. Class warfare. The arguments go on, only louder. We will have a whole presidential campaign about these subjects, except not.

Do people really have a firm grasp of the history of constitutional law when they say Obamacare is not constitutional? Or is? Do people really think gas prices are following something other than global market prices? Is selective outrage on the deficit anything other than tactics? Does anyone actually object, on principle, to analyzing or talking about income disparity? But argue away we will, with nothing coherent to show for it. Because it’s not really about those things. This is the Age of Somethingelsery.

Do people who deny climate change really think it’s all made up? No. It’s like the friend who keeps needling you about something that doesn’t make any sense. He’s really mad about something else. Go ahead and try to figure out what. You’ll just be accused of being neurotic. We no longer even agree on basic premises or common terminology, so we will never get to the bottom of anything, and so will never solve anything.

But it’s not necessarily as bad as I’m making it sound, because this post is really about something else.