Yes you made a New Year’s resolution to get more exercise. And you got off to a good start! But how long can you keep it up, really? If a little exercise is good, maybe a little less would be okay too.

Do you really feel better after your workout, or worse? Exercise is pretty boring, don’t you think, actually? And if it’s boring already, how is it going to seem in a month? If you skip a day, will that be so bad? Two? New Year’s resolutions are bound to falter. It’s only a matter of time. Resting is good exercise too, isn’t it?

You’ve lived this long being sedentary, so how bad can that be? Exercise takes up so much time! Sitting still is much easier to schedule. Your biceps are looking quite toned anyway from working the knife and fork. Breathing is exercise. Everything is. You don’t need to make some kind of fetish out of it. A week of exercise ought to be enough for a whole year, wouldn’t you say? Mission accomplished! Job well done.

Of course This advice isn’t meant for you. It’s intended only for all the new people crowding the pool where I swim.