There are probably still good movies out there, but I’m guessing fewer. I recently have been lured by different bunches of friends to see two films I might not have ventured to see otherwise. It made me realize how there may still be good friends out there, but fewer!

Can it get more exciting than action and adventure movies? I sure hope so, judging by two of my recent excursions. THOR! Now I know you are wondering why i let even friends talk me into that one. Let’s just say, that like many comic-book-type stories there are a LOT of plot details that don’t immediately present as compelling. The bridge connecting the NINE REALMS was threatened, the crumbling infrastucture of the superhero world. I think it got saved by a jobs program, but not sure, i fell asleep.

Then there was Yoshihiro Nishimura’s Helldriver. Oh yes, a wry zombie spatter film. Fun. Except for the spatter part. I heard there were cool costumes and funny effects and lots of cartoony blood and gore. HEARD that is, because I had my eyes literally closed for most of it. I vividly recall endless heavy metal guitar riffs and all the explosions and wet squooshy internal organs sounds and screaming you could ever hope for. I get enough of that listening to political discourse.