It’s March, and no matter what things look like outside your window today, the gravitational pull of Spring and Summer is unmistakable now. This this the season when I get reacquainted with my actual self, the self who decamps into hibernation somewhere and leaves my body to go through the motions, trying to act normal via vague recollections of what normal feels like. But oh, how a long sunny day reminds me!

A while ago I wrote a post called Summer in Winter. This was a mostly-honest, positive-thinking post about how the vastly brighter and higher light of February is a difference in kind from the sideways grey water of December light and should be noticed and appreciated. Hope you did. But now that I got you heading in one direction, I’m going to turn on you and go the other way.

The prolonged recession is starting to take real, nasty root in the American Psyche. Things feel hunkered. The recession struck like a wayward swinging construction girder to the head, and the reaction to that was reeling. We’re back on our feet now, and while the stars and birdies circling our heads have cleared, the buoyancy hasn’t. We don’t trust the economy to loft us up anymore. The future looks too much like a beige waiting room to a gigantic nursing home full of baby boomers, the generation that thought so highly of itself that it didn’t bother to follow though on any of its awesomeness. The generation that was going to change the world decided it would be more fun instead to hop onto the Reagan Bubble Balloon-ride instead. Ronald Reagan, for crying out loud! Did somebody say “sell-out?” But I digress.

There has got to be more to the future than waiting for the shopping fairy to return. We’ve tried shopping our way to glory. We shopped, we dropped. We are now the shambling shopping mall zombies in Dawn of the Dead. How about we try something new? Like a whole new paradigm? It’s spring, almost.