Well then! I was off on vacation and out of the Nation’s Capital of Crazy, and I’d like to report a fresh outlook from a new perspective. I’d LIKE to that is, but I can’t, because things look a lot the same from far away as they do in Washington, only smaller, because they are farther away.

I can say that I feel PERSONALLY less crazy, but I don’t know if that is because I was out of DC or just not working. Actually, I WAS working, but a different kind of work, as in heroic physical labor, which is a lot more satisfying than its reputation, if you only have to do two weeks of it, that is.

But things are still where they were in politics. The Republicans still SAY that the deficit is the Most Important Thing. But Obama offered to fix that, and then we discovered, once again, that TAXES ON RICH PEOPLE are really the Most Important Thing. The deficit can wait, the dog left out in sun can wait, the baby in the river can wait, but TAXES ON THE RICH cannot ever be changed, unless, that is, if they can be LOWERED, again. So the negotions proceed, a strange willingness to throw the whol;e country into default lingers, but as long as TAXES ON THE RICH remain the Most Important Thing, the GOP claim that the deficit is the Most Important Thing will remain what it has been: a lie.