The former bumper crop of maddeningly stupid jokes about climate change is about the only welcome casualty of the record drought this year. You don’t even have to calibrate and assign the exact degree to which this particular dry spell is caused by our blanketing the earth with additional carbon dioxide for people to finally understand why a warming climate could be a “bad” thing. Both moronic grinning and cool ironic detachment alike are shriveling under this summer’s relentless attack.

Even before we get clobbered with food scarcity and higher prices, one look out the window will let people know that lawn chemicals alone will not keep their precious lawns green. There is just something about crispy crunchy brown grass that keeps people’s lips from forming the words “If this is global warming, I’ll take it!” Images of withering crops, and boats sitting on dry lakebeds tend to make an impression even on those who are bad with numbers. Whether or not this new seriousness will make its way into policy remains to be seen. There is a concurrent drought of responsibility in the nation’s capital.

So where did all the water go? How about record flooding in Japan? Climate change is just going to give everybody “too much of a good thing!” Ha ha! Oh, and this just in.