The GOP convention isn’t even over, and I have a prediction! The whirling storm of “news” people will shortly move away from the Tampa area toward Charlotte, dumping up to 300 million additional inches of soggy analysis on the rest of the country.

Seriously, do you feel that you got 15,000 reporters’ worth of understanding out of Tampa that you wouldn’t have gotten from one unmonitored security camera pointed at the stage and an open mic? I have been to a convention as a “journalist” and got to see up close and personal the backstage maneuvers, the colorful and intricate “floor” activities, the secret and special “parties” and “events,” and guess what? I think I got what I need to know about Tampa from hundreds of miles away, from less than 15,000 different “takes’ on what “happened” there. Nothing happened there except some speeches, that the cameras actually “caught!”

But on to Charlotte! I wonder who the Democrats will nominate this year. Somebody did a poll of the 15,000 analysts who will be there, and most of them said Obama, so that’s good to know! Even before a single delegate has voted! There will be a big stage in Charlotte, like the one in Tampa, but DID THEY BUILD it? Or did government? Obama will give a speech. Analysts will be sure to look and see if he reads it from a teleprompter. Will there be a post-convention bounce? Only your head off of your coffee table.