If you thought it was hard to figure out how to use your TV remote(s), welcome to the new world of TV show delivery. http://www.washingtonpost.com/business/technology/youtube-paid-channels-officially-launch/2013/05/09/4de0b506-b8d8-11e2-b94c-b684dda07add_story.html YouTube is jumping into the mix by offering a something something something. You read it and figure it out. I’ll be outside doing something productive with my time.

We are in a joyous moment of time when the iron stranglehold of CABLE on American television viewers is coming apart. Viewer choice! Viewer empowerment! Better hurry up with your popcorn because this show may be a short one. We are in the midst of The Big Transition. We are ramping up on the supply of Everything You Could Want on the Internet and the simultaneous Commercializing, Corporatizing and Fee-collecting era of the Internet. You may be able to use this transition period to your advantage, the way the adept can use the Free Introductory Offer to their advantage. Just remember what follows the Free Introductory Offer. Nobody knows for certain how the marketplace for delivery of TV and related Viewing Matter will develop, but I think one thing is pretty certain. Eventually it will be confusing and expensive, just like now. Confusing and expensive is the American Corporate model for delivered services. They will find a way.

Americans, we are told, aren’t saving enough for their retirement. Here’s a suggestion: stop paying for television anything. The extortionary pricing on cable “packages” was just one more reason to pull the Big Plug. Competition is now another. But the spiders will be busy, and soon enough you will be all wrapped up in a new silk straightjacket, of your choosing! I’ve got different idea. The demise of my own TV habit was the introduction of a simple question. This question, like a catalyst molecule, eventually destroys everything in its vicinity. The question, as applied to what you are watching: “Is this stupid?” Ask, and be set free.