Here’s what. America got founded in the modern era, and developed with the democratic idea embedded in its DNA. This was good. And because it became a land of immigrants, it laid down a conceptual foundation for the future the world is growing into: the melting pot. Yes, that!

You can celebrate ethic pride and customs all you want, but clutching them too tightly just starts wars. Americans can pine for the segregated glory years of the 1950’s all they want, but that is in past and we’re better for having moved on.

America may have been exceptionalist at one point, but it is now the model. The idea of absorbing and blending peoples and cultures into a new culture, and the idea of expanding the concept of community outward toward universality is where the world is going, and should go. It will be a long road, but it’s a good thing. Let’s be a little prouder of that, please.