The time bomb is about to go off. Over the years the conservative movement has generated a whirlwind of wacky, but it has had its ruthless sober side as well. That ruthless sober side has had a plan. Actually the plan has more or less been complete for some time, and now is about to blossom like a giant skunk cabbage. Behold.

That means: the Supreme Court. The plan: get the right justices in place and it doesn’t even matter what Congress legislates or the president signs. Any law parts that the court “finds” to be objectionable can be voided in their tracks. And then whole laws. And then whole programs. It doesn’t even take a lot of powerful reasoning. Minority dissents don’t count! It doesn’t take very many people, either. Five will do it! Samuel Alito, a man nobody predicted would change the nation, tipped the balance. Conservatives used to decry judicial overreach, when the gavel was in the other hand. That was then, this is now. And, apparently, here we go.

It was not enough for the Court to enshrine the Orwellian concepts that Corporations are People and Money is Speech. Those are small potatoes intended to facilitate bending the legislative body to the corporate agenda. No, now we will go for the Full Monty Hall. Behind Branch Number 3 are five justices ready and itching to invalidate the legislature and executive wholesale. The hollowed shell of what’s left will reduce government to it’s “proper role”: lickspittle butler to the rich and powerful. And the rest of us? See you in the Emergency Room.