Editorial cartoonist

Friday rant: Brain fog edition

What part of this don’t you understand?

1) Carbon Dioxide in the atmosphere traps heat.

2) Warmer atmosphere holds more water, hence greater evaporation, greater droughts.

3) More water in the atmosphere means heavier rainfall elsewhere, that is greater flooding.

4) Warmer air also means greater volatility, that is violent storms. See also above.

5) A lot like the weather we’ve been having recently!

6) Even if this PARTICULAR weather isn’t the direct result of climate change (and it might be) LOOK AT IT AND YOU CAN GET THE IDEA what we’re asking for, and how our kids are not going to like it.

7) Now think ruined agriculture, food crises, refugee crises, oh and probably some warfare.

And your response? Hope it’s all made up! Yeah, THAT’s the sensible way to respond! Likely the biggest mistake humans have ever made. And you, not somebody else, YOU are making it right now. Way to go.