Maybe the reason we seem stupider is we are stupider. Maybe instead of trying to get reforms into the classroom, we should be getting pesticides out of the food. We have been instructed that it is not okay to worry about population size anymore because don’t worry about it, technology will grow more food. And don’t worry about what’s IN the food because the government monitors everything except that oh, that function was just declared to be “discretionary spending,” that is, waste, fraud and abuse, and was cut to give billionaires some badly needed relief from the hot breath of government.

This is serious stuff, and it gets worse. The technology that is enabling this mushrooming population to survive and ostensibly thrive has always been somewhat suspect, but the answer was shut up unless you got some evidence. Well the evidence is growing, and it’s genuinely alarming.

But people don’t want to hear or think about this stuff, any more than they want to think about climate change, because it runs counter to what they prefer to believe. This part hasn’t changed, but presumably gets worse as we get dumber, which we seem to be doing to ourselves. After all you are what, something or other.