This is about you. I will be brief.

But first a word about Obama. He’s taking some further action to help curb climate change. That’s good. But about a week ago there was a quote in the paper from an administration official about how when the president talks about climate, the little insta-reaction dial-o-meters (measuring how people are reacting in real time to the speech) “plummet.” Now this may be nothing more than the administration hiding behind polling or putative polling to explain their less-than-robust response to the straightforward science (CO2=heat=change). But if it’s true that Americans respond that way, it’s one of the saddest things I’ve ever heard.

So back to you. People have a number of responsibilities in life. Personal, family, friendships. And a few larger ones, like making sure not to do irreversible damage to the only inhabitable planet that your descendants will ever live on (EVEN IF a tiny few of somebody else’s kids fly off to a distant speck somewhere far far away in the universe). And here we sit, with our soft, moist fingers dialing DISAPPROVAL on the dial-a-druther instead of dealing with the one crucial challenge history has put before us. Nobody is currently at work writing a book called The Greatest Generation about us.