There is no point in trying to talk about the “Fiscal Cliff” sensibly. The national discussion about the “cliff”, which for starters, isn’t a “cliff” or even much like one, is so convoluted that it is past sorting out. It will just be raw-power negotiating and posturing from here on in, all the way to the conclusion, in a process that will never see a conclusion.

But we can talk about the posturing a little. First off, whatever happened to all the Guernica-like wailing about “The Deficit’? Remember that? The defining fiscal, nay, MORAL test of our Fiber as a People. Well, going “over” the “cliff” would “solve” “a lot of” The Deficit. But now it turns out we Can’t Have That. Now all of a sudden we are Nuanced once again. It would have been Fine to solve the deficit by strangling the economy BEFORE the election, when it could be blamed on Obama, But NOW there are Other Considerations. Considerations like the fact that the one core plank left in the GOP platform, the Gangplank For the Rest of Us, the TAX CUTS FOR THE RICH, is what matters above all. Tax cuts for the rich is the REAL test of our Fiber As a People, and don’t you let any distractions like a Presidential Election Result confuse this important point.

And so, onto the negotiations, which have begun in all their circling and snarling tree-marking magnificence. Obama comes to the table with, surprise, more-or-less the proposal he ran on and won on. “Not so fast” counters John Boehner. He digs into his satchel and pulls out, what? The plan Romney ran on and lost on! See the equivalence here? Of course not! Doesn’t matter! GOP pollsters have proven to themselves beyond a doubt that the TRUE MANDATE is getting FEWER votes, if they are from the right people! “Rolling weight-corrected unskewery.” But as a public service to you as readers of this Blog, here’s your Negotiations Tip Card: See if ANYTHING the GOP brings to the table does not center around Tax Cuts for the Rich.