The GOP must be doing something right. Evidently there is method in the madness. Votes anyway. This is one of those major disconnects of logic that has to mean something.

Obama’s numbers are bad, But Congress’s numbers are worse. Congress’s numbers are bad, but Congress Republican numbers are worst of all. If you show people’s Obama’s proposals, the public supports them. If you show people, the GOP plans, the public opposes them. And yet, and yet and yet!

The forecasts are that the GOP is poised to win BOTH HOUSES OF CONGRESS! This is stupendous. This is amazing. This is evidence that either people are as crazy as the GOP itself, or the media is doing a terrible job of informing people (LIKELY!), or nobody got the vaccine against masochism. Anyway, this is apparently real and going to be our future. The GOP has done something very very hard to explain here, but at some point you have to accept the outcome of democracy, even when you can’t fathom it. So more power to them. Literally.