What a great tragic concept Cassandra is. Having the gift of prophecy, but also having the curse of having no one believe you. I’m sure everyone has felt this at one time or another. You have two choices, shut up in guilt or annoy everyone. Have I ever felt this? Go ahead and guess.

The problem is the visionary is indistinguishable from the crank, except for popular reaction, which of course does not solve the basic Cassandra dilemma. Stridency is the last stage before being netted and sequestered. What one does all day skews one’s perception of what matters, of course. Sort of like a minister who wonders why his congregation doesn’t spend every waking minute in prayer. Or like a dentist who wonders why you don’t spend all day brushing, then flossing, then rinsing with that new green stuff, then gum-massaging with a rubber pick, then putting in an anti-grinding guard, then coming in for more cleaning and x-rays, then starting all over again tomorrow! One could, if one wanted, enjoy a full life of dental care alone!

But, come on, you need to spend at least SOME of your life worrying about how dangerously messed up two crucial aspects of our current trajectory are. First, the wealth distribution is getting out of control. This will wreck democracy forever if you let it continue. The second is the stranglehold the fossil fuel industry has on climate policy. This will wreck everything else, if you let it continue. And you’re letting it. You! All of you! Darn you all anyway!