We just went through another week talking about nothing but the deficits, and again, the only thing anybody was asked to sacrifice was their brain.

I will repeat it once more: anybody who pretends to be talking about solving the deficit who doesn’t focus on the TWO core issues of BOTH health care costs AND raising taxes isn’t being serious about the deficit. Don’t listen to them. News organizations that run stories about deficit solutions that don’t frame the problem in this way are not being serious. Don’t bother trying to follow them. They lead to exploratory lobotomies, on you.

Paul Ryan’s “solution” is to slowly take away people’s coverage until they can’t afford care anymore. One way to do it! Doesn’t solve the deficit, but it is palliative care for those who can’t abide the idea that the undeserving may be getting medical treatment. And a stellar diversionary tactic so people don’t notice that what you’re REALLY doing is just cutting taxes for the rich AGAIN! Maybe someday we will have the discussion on how to rationalize health care delivery to make it less expensive, and a fair system to pay for the costs and benefits, but not today! Today we still prefer our fever-driven hallucinations.