Rantmg is so 2012. I may retire the Friday rant. The rant was a momentary historical phenomonette, a red-faced ephemerallatto ginned up by a combination of desperate-for-ratings Talking Head Shows and the death rattle of movement conservatism. I ranted back periodically because I am someone prone to Taking the Bait. But all that is behind us now. This is the Dawning of the Age of Aquarius. It’s harmony and understanding time! The re-election of Obama has decided the trajectory of history. For now.

There has been a lot written about the insanity leading up to, at the precipice of, and following the strange geography and unsatisfying non-resolution of the Fiscal Cliff. Who won? Who Lost? These questions, like Ranting, belong on the year-end “out” lists, but they weren’t included. Journalists are the last to know. Some say Obama won! Others say the GOP won! How to decide? Time will tell! MY answer? It was a crappy little deal that barely scratched the surface of the rather prodigious problem of the nation’s long-term fiscal health. But it was a start. Can-kicking? Can-kicking is another meme that it’s time to retire.

My take is that the GOP, in its post-1980 incarnation, is defeated and in unfixable disarray. Yes the remnant forces will try sporadically to rally to block and stymie the Federal Government and All Its Works, but they know in their bones that their day has passed, and they don’t have the will. And they don’t have the troops. But more importantly, they don’t have the public. The public has finally wised up. The public would like their, yes their, government to function, and they know now who has been strangling it to the ground. The wheels of democracy turn slowly, but they have turned. Expect a lot of handwaving and teeth-gnashing and posturing and threatening. But deals will get done, and the Republic will move on, and endure. Maybe even thrive. There is ample room for trouble ahead, but it will be of a different kind.