We are seeing stories now about how the GOP corporate wing is contemplating “reining in” the Tea Party wing of the GOP. It’s raining reins! On the Tea Party reign!


What I’m not seeing, in my limited omniscience of Everything That Is Written, is just how the dicey policy needs play out during the intra-coalition disciplining. Yes, one is glad that the nihilism of the Tea Party is being circumscribed, if it in fact is, but there is just one little problem. The Corporate Wing needs the Goofy Wing to fly the increasingly erratic contraption that the Republican Party has become. The issue is, as it forever is with them, Taxes on the Wealthy. The weathy, if nothing else, know how to count, and no matter how you count up one percent, you don’t get a majority in an election. And while they patiently wait for the Supreme Court to fully legalize buying all elections, they need to cast their gaze about to find additional troops for their agenda.

The problem is that, even if you bought the argument (as I conditionally did some years ago) that the investment part of the economy was getting squeezed in a counter-productive way, the equilibrium has now shifted so much the other way that it’s now simply a matter of Forbeslist-fueled greed. And where oh where are you going to find suckers for THAT cause? An ever-richer plutocracy with a collapsing middle class is simply not a cause that many will sign up for. Only those who can be distracted by an array of tempting social and cultural wedge issues. But surprise! Eventually the distracted notice they aren’t getting what they want, whatever it is, and NOW they hear that Big Daddy Corporate Wing wants to marginalize them. Tricky bank shot. Let’s watch.