Want me to say something intelligent on yet another foreign military involvement? Move along, nothing to see here. Of all the areas of American public discourse that are impoverished, foreign policy is ahead by a length for impoverishedest.

Apparently polls show that Americans want to stay clear of Syria and simultaneously blame Obama for staying clear and everything that results or doesn’t from our engagement there or refraining therefrom. Fine. We are currently punch drunk from foreign military involvements and maybe going fetal is the most strategic response. But it’s nearly as simplistic as Tom Friedman’s infamous “Suck on this” Iraq strategy. Then there’s our sophisticated debate on the ‘morality’ of war. Talk about philosophy by drone.

One might look at the situation and conclude that Americans have learned a hard lesson from Iraq and Afghanistan and Libya and Egypt and pending Syria and pending Iran, about the limits of military engagement and the law of unintended consequences. This would fit the facts except the part about Americans having learned something. It that still possible, or are we just suffering from an inferior grade of demagoguery?