If you tax rich people they’ll just move somewhere else with lower taxes! And if you don’t like the punishing hours and low pay of your job, you can just move to a DIFFERENT job with punishing hours and low pay. Freedom! See how freedom works? You get as much as you can pay for. We finally woke up to see how this works, but TOO LATE!

Anybody who was watching could see that wealth was shifting around in the US, after Reagan and the Special Elixir he was so successful at selling. But few were watching. Many things were going on, and so it was hard to notice the BIG THING that was happening. The big thing was the wealth shift. The top 1% kept a low profile, because you know, when you’ve got a good thing going, don’t draw too much attention. Those in the media who might have alerted you to this, often clustered in or close enough to that 1% that, well they were kinda quiet about it too. You know, who’s to say whether this Big Wealth Shift was bad or good? Let’s just see how it plays out for a few decades, THEN we can assess. And here we are. And, again, TOO LATE.

This is not just a little, oh, some made more and some made less thing. It’s been a huge, fundamental restructuring of the American economy, and American society. Because if history teaches us anything, it’s that power follows money. But history never teaches us anything, which is why we let so much wealth go to so few. And power follows money. And freedom follows power. Where do you live most of your life? At the ballot box, or at your job? How would you describe the Freedom Conditions at your job? A lot of democracy going on there? We finally woke up and progressive politics won in the last election. But all that the vested interests need at this point is enough political power to prevent anything from changing much. And, well, well, what do you know?!!!