If Romney wins, will the world as we know it be over? Yes. And if Obama wins, we the world as we know it be over? Yes.

The election seems to be a contest to see whether we go back to the 1950’s vs the 1960’s. Being generous, it may be considered a contest between going back to the 1980’s, vs the 1990’s. But vote as hard as you want, we’re not going back anywhere. We’re going headlong into the freakish. Things have changed, are changing, and the changes are accelerating. Three things, globalization, technology, and climate are taking us to where no election has gone before.

Globalization has eroded the meaning of a job and will continue to do so. We are now in a scramble for any work at any price. Job security? Only if your job is IN security. To get a good job, get a good education, but don’t forget to be prepared to work for the wage of the well-educated guy in that other country over there. This would be hard enough, but pretty soon the robots will be willing and able to do that same work for even LESS money, and work around the clock besides. We have created a world where you are not really needed, except to buy things, but you’re out of money, because you can’t find work. Maybe you can retire (very) early to a little place out in the country somewhere, except the new climate just killed the vegetation and dried up your well. Meanwhile, this election campaign will do everything possible to avoid discussing any of this intelligently. Obama doesn’t really have an answer, and Romney has one that works for him and his friends.