Well, Republicans may be crazy, but maybe not THAT crazy. They wish so much for Mr. or Ms. Magic to come along and solve their frustrations that they are attracted to just about every charlatan with an opposable thumb to hold a microphone. But one by one the Looneytoons have flamed out with a “th-th-that’s all folks!” And the only one left standing is the Obama-lite, Mitt Romney. What a bitter pill this must be.

The trouble is that GOP voters have allowed themselves to be gulled into misunderstanding what galls them, and so are having a hard time assembling the mismatched puzzle-pieces into a coherent picture of the Cleaver family. Somehow they have let themselves be persuaded that the US government is the only large institution which is causing the misremembered America of the 1950’s to not be here anymore. And that cutting taxes on the rich one more time and freeing giant corporations and financial institutions of oversight will cause gay people to not want to marry each other anymore.

Anyway, GOP voters seem to be left with Mitt Romney now, and I guess they can pin their hopes on his repealing Obamacare on Day One and putting Romneycare in on Day Two. They can also hope that cutting taxes on the rich one more time will finally do what they have repeatedly been told for thirty years it will do. Good luck with your plan!