Here we go again! The economy is working just a LITTLE TOO WELL for you, isn’t it? The runaway boom and your huge twice-a-year raises are causing you a storage problem for all your money. You can neither spend it nor invest it fast enough! The children build forts in the cash piles and you don’t know WHAT you’ll do when you need the rake for the LEAVES OUTSIDE for heaven’s sake.

Luckily for you the House Republicans are ready to shut down the government, and the economy would promptly follow suit. You could use a break from having a job. Sit back and collect unemployment checks which won’t be coming, allowing you to cash in on the food stamp gravy train, which will also be cut off. Hunger is good.

What used to be described as a shut-down is more like a shout-down. Calm deliberation has been replaced by beet-faced anger. Anger at what? Anger when the economy gets worse under Obama. And anger when it gets better. Anger when Obamcare is perceived as failing and when Obamacare is perceived as succeeding. Anger when the deficit is growing under Obama, and when it is falling under Obama. Maybe there’s a pattern here.

I’ll tell you what I think is the pattern. I think the pattern is the wealthy assembled a coalition of Whoever It Takes to get their taxes down to where they can enjoy riches on a scale that is commensurate to their sense of self-worth. This coalition still exists, though the nuttier parts of it are getting obstreperous. I think that if the wealthy finally decided they were wealthy enough now to once again accept tax rates closer to the 20th Century norm, the coalition would come apart, and the zanies would be isolated and no longer a dangerous factor. That continues to not happen, and now it is once again threatening the economy, your economy. You’d think this would eventually start to concern the wealthy. Unless of course, they now truly are in an economy of their own. In any case, the only thing for the rest of us (the non-rich and non-crazy) to do is watch, in disbelief. For us, it’s all over but the shouting, which is no longer ever over.