On or about today, the days start getting longer, and If the Druids could spend a thousand years putting up a circle of giant stones to commemorate that, I can at least manage one blog post. Yes Stonehenge is on my mind lately, and who knows why. Another futile effort of humans to order the cosmos maybe, but a big payoff in the Romantic Ruins department. Stonehenge may not even be an astronomical device, it may just be a graveyard built so we never forget the nameless forgotten ones who are buried there. If so, then this blog post can be a grave marker for the last, shortest days of 2013.

2013 was a transitional year. There, I’ve finally written a sentence that nobody can argue with, because all years are transitional years. But we are in a big transition. I think we are finally entering the Age of Aquarius, whose dawning was prematurely announced several decades ago because they needed to get an optimistic song into the musical. The promise of a transformationally different kind of prosperity enabled by computers and robotics is whirring in the chilly air. Either that or we’re entering a self-inflicted End Times, as we throw the climate permanently into Hostility mode. Either way, big changes are coming, and we will continue to strangle each other as we fight in confused frustration in the overcrowded waiting room.

BE THAT AS IT MAY, the days are now getting longer, I think we can all agree, and I’ll make my prediction that the new year will be better than the last. The reactionary, thrashing resistance to the 21st Century is slowly working its way through the system, and one by one, the inevitable capitulations to a new century are occurring. Now if we can just get busy on redefining a post-industrial Good Life, and start taking advantage of all the new tools we have to make it happen, we can embark on an inspiring Stonehedge-sized project of our own. Why, we could call it New Arcadia!