This is the way the week ends, not with a rant but a whimper.

They get you down, those dissemblers. Does it sometimes seem to you that the whole point of politics is the well-known but always missed trick of magicians, and pickpockets, of Distraction? Media organizations like to tell you, and themselves, that they are there to cut through the hype and get to the real facts. But let’s face it, they spend an awful lot of time surfing on the waves created when an elephant cannonballs into the pool, and they sure appear to enjoy it. The goal of this distraction is two-fold. Distraction throws the public off the scent, and then you are free to pursue your real agenda with fewer references to the actual facts. Secondly, the energy required to bring the debate back to real facts is exhausting, and an exhausted foe is the kind combatants like. Try to sort through the debate on healthcare lately has been like trying to tidy up a gym full of free weights while there is a tornado in the room. I for one am tired.

But not TOO tired! Here comes some welcome news! First of all the NUTS news! Yes, eating nuts turns out to be good for you. Why is this exciting news? Because I have never outgrown my childlike love of peanut butter and jelly sandwiches, and I must have eaten tens of thousands of them by now. This childlike trait apparently is why I am still so childish and the actuarial tables now predict I will outlast the pyramids.

The other good news is that somebody actually published some meaningful healthcare information this week.

Instead of talking about this, the GOP circulated a memo to the troops, a plan not to understand and address healthcare or its costs, but to attack Obamacare from any and all sides, with whatever weapon comes to hand, for months to come. Principal weapon suggested? You guessed it: ANECDOTES! See if that makes you feel better, America. If the healthcare debate could center even for a week around the data in the above link, we’d all be a lot better off. Not as well off as a peanut-fed cartoonist maybe, but still way better.