The moon is full, the air is menacing with the autumn damp! The strange gaggle of GOP goblins has paraded down the street, and the winning costume this year? Mitt Romney! Who cunningly decided to dress up as: President of the United States! Since the minting of coins and printing of paper fiat dollars, the Republic’s currency has been yearning for a president who looked so engravable.

And he even SOUNDS presidential, if your standard of measure is the ghouls and gremlins he has been debating. So Mitt it is. The press, at least, has already decided, so GOP voters go out now and ratify our decision!

President Romney. Seems so inevitable now. He will bring a technocratic approach to government, a low-key, reach-across-the-aisle, no drama presidency, sort of like the one we have come to hate so much. With one important difference. He is a Republican, and in all likelihood will have a Republican Congress(!) so he will be taking up where George W. Bush left off. Remember how that was? Evidently not. That zephyr of warm air you feel swirling around Mitt is the sigh of relief coming from his wealthy backers.