Here’s something else to not think about, to add to the pile of relevant matters we choose to not waste our precious limited mental bandwidth on. This is especially timely, since we don’t want to think about Syria anyway. An interesting part of the debate over Syria is the shift in US attitude on foreign policy from “we don’t care about the consequences to others when we intervene militarily,” to “we don’t care about the consequences to others when we DON’T intervene militarily.” The distinction, I grant you, is subtle.

This one comes via Kevin Drum, again. I may as well just install a permanent link to his blog here, because I do, or could, refer to him every day. In fact, maybe I should just tell you to skip my own efforts altogether and read Kevin instead. You’d learn more for sure, though you might miss out on my sporadic levity, and ever-present manias, eccentricities and obsessions. And endless preambles before I get to the point. Which was….oh yeah, maybe our carbon belching has real consequences! Did I ever say that before?

Could climate change put enough stress on a country or region to cause instability that might come back to bite us? Look at the map and think it over. It might take a bit of imagination to see the connection, and people expect OTHER people, like cartoonists, to be the ones with the imagination, while they get on with the serious business of wasting energy.