The conspiracy just grows and grows. Now NASA, of all organizations, is reporting unmistakable evidence of accelerating climate change. The ice sheets of Antarctica and Greenland are melting even faster than predicted. This, of course, was only a matter of time and ranks as their biggest prank since they faked the moon landing.

For myself, I am happy to welcome NASA to this issue, because I have a selfish little preference. I’d actually like to see us spend less money on trying to fly off and colonize a dead planet than focusing our efforts on avoiding creating another one. But that’s just me.

Anyway, the deniers will find ways of connecting Al Gore to NASA now somehow, by finding a pro-NASA quote, and well, that will pretty conclusively prove that the ice water lapping around your ankles isn’t there. It’s a fun game, and they are still winning it! Game night in the insane asylum.