Reports have it that the GOP is salivating. We don’t needs those reports. The GOP is always salivating. But now they are drooling trunkfuls, licking their tusks with audible and visible tongue-strokes. And for once, I say let them.

I’m guessing (hoping) this marks the low-point of the Obamacare rollout debacle. All signs point to: fiasco. All signs, that is, that anybody is paying attention to. But such is the nature of the beast. The news media loves a ‘story,’ and ‘if it bleeds, it leads’. The opposition will pounce if given an opening, and the administration handed them a big one. Say what you want, and I will have more to say in a second, but Rule One in governing and everywhere else: You don’t announce that something important will work, and then have it spectacularly not work, and expect to go on your merry way.

All that said, however, I return your attention to the MAIN THING. All opponents of Obamacare will do their best to distract you from the main thing, because the main thing is a thing they don’t want to talk about. The main thing is universal coverage for health care. This is the watershed aspect of the subject. Do we, as a nation, want everyone to have health coverage, or do we want to leave millions of us exposed to ruin, like before? Simple question. Complex answer. But the election and re-election of Obama were very much about this question, and he, unsurprisingly considers the question essentially settled. We have crossed over to the place where universal coverage, built largely on the Republican-generated model, is the national standard. It’s all over but the shouting, and writhing, and now Democrats and even Obama jumping around nervously. But here’s a user’s guide to every word of debate and accusation and recrimination from here forward: Is the complainer trying to make universal coverage work, or will they explain to you the winners and losers in their alternative?