Oh boy, we have a race again! Now, on the basis of the new manic version of the Romboid 2.0, we will need to sort through, ONCE AGAIN, the impossibility of his “policies”, and come, ONCE AGAIN to the conclusion that yes. they favor the uphill avalanche of wealth to the already rich. You looking forward to going through that again too?

Don’t misunderstand. I have a professional conflict of interest here. Does four years of caricaturing Mitt Romney have the slightest appeal to a cartoonist who starts out every morning, bleary-eyed, AT SIX AM., looking for something that genuinely outrages him? What do you think? Yes? No? Jim Lehrer, pose that one to our readers, and see what answers you get. I’ll go first. YES, Romney would would be a gift of near-W proportions! Would anyone like to try a 30-second rebuttal? So, if I’ve got any skin in the game, it’s the OPPOSITE of what I’m hoping for. Cognitive dissonance! It happens OUTSIDE of presidential debates too!

Every election has it’s own unique millstone hung around the public’s neck, and this year apparently it’s going to be that Romney was “energetic”, therefore his policies make more sense for the Republic than they did before he was “energetic”. So now, back through the policy slog once more. People will discover that pressing harder and more energetically on the budget pencil does not change the math. That is I presume people will figure that out. If not, well, see you in the funny papers.