The first week I started blogging out came a yelp. Some days it requires some thought to conjure a topic. Other days you discover an inner yelp that just wants to spring forth.

Yelps develop when you’ve been waiting for a subject to appear in the news, and it is slow in arriving. An obvious topic, you think. It will be out there any minute now! Pretty obvious topic! Soon, for sure! Yet nothing, and nothing, and nothing. YELP! PUT SOME BANKERS IN JAIL FOR WHAT THEY DID TO THE ECONOMY! I had been waiting for the criminal investigations, the charges, the trials, the convictions the sentencing, the weeping confessions, the lamentation, the incarceration for what HAD to be some criminal malfeasance in erecting and detonating a house of cards so huge and hollow. But even in a media world so packed with Talking Mouths talking about Every Darn Thing, somehow nobody could even start to ask and examine this Jail the Guilty Bankers question. Yelp.

I thought surely there was enough muscle memory of a day when we used to SAY that “nobody was above the law” that we could at least go through the motions and maybe cause a lost night of sleep or two in the lofty boardrooms. But no then, and no now. All we get are occasional shoes dropping to the floors so high above our heads. Yes they ARE to big to fail. Yes they ARE to big to jail. But no, they are NOT too big to bail. YOU, on the other hand, are just the right size to jail. So behave yourself. Some people are above the law, but you are still below it. Chill, turn on your TV and watch them talk about OTHER things. Move along folks, nothing to see here. Or yelps to hear.