The GOP is flying apart, which is what we expected would eventually happen to something held together with wingnuts. Rand Paul somehow can’t fit in to this jerry-built contraption, or maybe he fits too well?

How can you tell? You can’t. The party is in a big argument now about who is too crazy to be in it, after having driven every sane person out long ago. Is Rand Paul a ‘wacko-bird’? This is what they call someone who might not want to repeat Iraq too many more times. Is he a libertarian? A pure one? A compromised one? A one exactly the way Reagan was, or different in some way that is important only to those who wanted to name every single thing in the country after him? Thanks so much for Ronald Reagan airport, by the way. Is Paul too libertarian for the crazy religious right, or not libertarian enough for the crazy Tea Party? The party IS the tea party now, the one through the looking glass and down the rabbit hole. The Hatter is Mad and isn’t going to take it anymore. Is Sarah Palin still Alice? Or is Michele Bachman? Or are they Tweedle-dee and Tweedle-dim?

It’s funny now reading that there is a “philosophical battle’ going on in the GOP. Can we get Nietzsche in on this? The party is a collection of gullible voters who were conned into thinking there were simple answers to every problem, and now they are completely frustrated to find out there aren’t. The perpetual-anger machine has finally turned on itself. But that’s their problem, not mine. If there are simple answers to things, they shouldn’t have any trouble finding the one that fixes their party.