So where was all the looting after Sandy? I’ll tell you. It happened BEFORE Sandy. After the storm, in darkened lower Manhattan, police cars were to be seen at every intersection. Good thought. Too late. Wrong place. They should have been parked on the top floors of Wall St about five years ago.

We are now living through the results of a Top-Down Looted Nation. Remember when the promise was it’s OKAY if the rich get richer, as long as everybody ELSE gets richer too! The rich got THEIR cut up front! Now explain to me how the other part of that worked out. I’ll pause a minute here while you explain.

I’ll pause another minute while you gather your thoughts.

I’ll pause another minute while you clear your throat.

Time’s up. We got robbed, is what happened. And cut through all the manic hand-waving by the Romney campaign, and that’s what he’s offering AGAIN. Oh, and along WITH it, as an added BONUS GIFT, let’s hear it for the COAL. Silly climate talk! If you let the fossil fuel industry continue to off-load their carbon dioxide into the atmosphere free of charge, sure the rich will get richer AGAIN, but everybody ELSE will prosper too, if you happen to call prospering having your neighborhood flooded out in an east-coast superstorm, or burned down in a massive western wildfire, or blown away in a midwest tornado cluster.

The federal government will come to help you mop up the damage, except, no they won’t if the GOP can gut FEMA to fuel some MORE tax cuts for the rich. You see the crime here yet? Neither do the police.