The GOP doesn’t even know anymore what they’re furious about. Just something. Anything. Benghazi! What about Benghazi? It doesn’t matter! Something! Obama! Obamacare! Deficits! Increasing deficits! Deceasing deficits! The tax code! Loopholes! Opening loopholes! Closing loopholes! The blood is boiling! The top is blowing! It’s a warped frustrated old man standing athwart history yelling “Bingo!”

I can get mad too. I’m mad at their crazy. What is their program, anyway? I can tell you! It’s cut benefits for the poor and middle class and try to find a way to blame Democrats for it at the same time. They like this game, but what they like better is cutting taxes and regulations on the rich. They love to talk about risk and rewards. Rewards for them, risks for you. This is astonishing at this point, given the economic history of the decade, THAT’S THERE FOR ALL TO SEE AND RECOIL FROM. This Neo-laissez-faire they are STILL peddling was supposed to be the Magic Marketplace Formula for your prosperity, and instead it delivered 1929 Part II. And their post-crash prescription of austerity saw to it that we are still gasping for oxygen. And the promised prosperity in the “Rising tide lifts all Arks” approach? Surprise! Only the rich had an Ark! Two of every kind of plutocrat aboard!

Yet still they cry for MORE tax cuts for the wealthy. And they are furious they can’t have them. How much longer do we need to watch this movie? The benefits DON’T trickle down. The power trickles up. And even if this growing wealth disparity DID throw a few styrofoam bones to the drowning? It’s still a terrible thing. We’ve created a class of people who now view themselves as DIFFERENT IN KIND from the churning swarms of little people at their feet. And yes, this IS how they see others. Swarms of  untalented and undeserving, and ungrateful too! And not like them at all. Happy democracy to you.