Does the South still want to secede? Sure acts like it. They seem to hate Washington as much as they ever did and seem nearly as determined to stymie it. To say that the South is the only geographic location of anti-Washington sentiment is oversimplifying, but for the purposes of a three-paragraph blog post, close enough.

If they DON’T want to quit anymore, how about the rest of us fire them then? The never-ending series of crises in Washington is about two apparently incompatible value systems. I say incompatible and offer as evidence that Republicans think compromise is the same thing as surrender. I call that incompatible. So let’s just have a not-so-amicable separation, now that slavery is no longer part of the equation, and let people vote with their feet on what type of government they prefer.

Tiny government, low taxes, no regulations, a gun in every holster, have at it! The rest of us can try out luck with some more balance and less blind ideology. Argument over.