Oh what will the GOP ‘moderates’ do about those intransigent Tea Party types?? A little late to ask that question.

It’s like asking “What will we do about the wiggly foundation of our house that turns out to be these biting alligators we chose to build on?” Thought experiment: Decide to identify your constituency as being people who never really supported the civil rights revolution, who think church and state should be unseparated because the Constitution is sort of the same as the Bible, until we can get the real Bible in there instead, like the founders wanted. (Also, the founders didn’t mention evolution OR Obama’s citizenship OR climate science). And then, after identifying your constituency, set up a hydroponic feeding system on the Television Set and the Extremism In Broadcasting network, and feed them the same stuff you feed to mushrooms, for years and years on end, to increase their size, their certainty, their ignorance and their clout. And then see what happens! Hmmmm, where did I read that you reap what you sow?

It’s a beautiful thing to listen to the GOP asking Obama now for leadership. It’s obviously only a tactical ploy to get him to say the hard news first. But there’s something to it nonetheless. Leadership IS about getting out in front with the truth. They should try it themselves sometime with their their voters! It’s not time for REthinking. It’s time to START thinking. Real thinking requires real facts. This could take awhile.