Oh the transgression was bad, but we the proud and truth-loving American public just cannot abide the lies! We are TRUTH-SEEKERS around here, and we punish the lying liars where they are found!

Except Tim Pawlenty when he says that he will fix the budget with MORE, HUGER THAN EVER tax cuts! Just like Bush’s only BIGGER! But THIS TIME they will pay for themselves! This will not be punished as a crazed lie, no, this will be reported straight-faced as a POLICY POSITION. And Pawlenty is running as the GUY WHO WILL TELL US HARD TRUTHS!

And except just about everybody in Washington when they pretend that climate change is a “hoax.” Okay, the 20% of poll respondents who get every single question wrong (”Saddam Hussein planned 9/11”) may genuinely “think” it’s a hoax, but the politicians who used to acknowledge climate change, but now deny it, know full well what they are doing and it’s LYING. And why do they lie? Easy votes from the 20%!

Did the politicians just tweet a photo of themselves mooning the electorate? NO! HONEST!