Kathleen Sebelius may be the reigning champion of confoundation. If a confounding healthcare website wasn’t enough, her Congressional testimony may have clinched the title.

“Blame me!” “Hold me accountable!” ”I’m responsible!” These are words that are foreign to the Washington ear. Translators were summoned, but nobody knew what language this was. The “questioners” were all arrayed before her, with their speeches and dudgeon and rotted fruit, but the witness was going off-message. The assembled had gathered to assign blame and Sebelius was short-circuiting the game.

It’s a little unclear what the rare blame-acceptance actually gets us. The “therefore” in her presentation was a bit indistinct. But the rest of the kabuki needed to play out, and the gathered indignant spluttered through their prepared performances (I wonder how you indicate ‘release flecks of spittle’ in script form) but it just didn’t play right in an instance where blame was already fully acknowledged and accepted.

So where is the ‘rant’ part of this Friday rant? Here’s some. Please, enough of the endless Washington theater. Stop pretending you are upset that a website isn’t working properly when you don’t want it to work at all. Stop pretending that there is any, ANY health care system, past present or future, that isn’t going to make some people very disappointed. How about YOUR plans? How popular are THOSE, wherever they are these days? http://nymag.com/daily/intelligencer/2013/10/republican-health-care-plan-repeal-and-cackle.html

How about changing your focus from media coverage to insurance coverage? From sick politics to sick people? Politician, heal thyself.