If two people die, then another person will die, because deaths come in threes. See the pattern? Americans do! Three scandals in one week means Obama is finished as president and will be impeached shortly, and how did it happen that we had to wait so LONG for this? Because we didn’t have three scandals in the same week, but now we do! Talking Heads: Analyze the “pattern!” Good for several shows!  

Three scandals in one week mean that the administration is floundering and has lost the hold on the rudder of the ship of statecraft and the Large Craft warnings are up and it doesn’t matter that the scandals are mostly not really scandals and that one of them didn’t start this week and was a hardy holdover from previous weeks. The important thing is the number three, because that means it’s a PATTERN that we can understand even if we didn’t exactly study the underlying particulars. Three! Out you go, Mr. Obama. Three strikes! Just like America’s Pastime. See the pattern?

Of course out he isn’t going, because they are not really scandals (there is a difference between Bad Thing and Scandal), and moreover aren’t congruent with each other. I use the word congruent because it implies a lot more analysis of these tempests than either you or I have given them. And you needn’t bother with that task either, because the narrative is already changing to the West Wing Regains Its Footing. The Elephant Gun of “SCANDAL!” has gone off too many times in the past over anything and everything (tho never Three Times In One Week before!), but the only thing that ever gets hit is the elephant who fires it. This the elephant always forgets. Another pattern.